Today, there is sunshine

This morning, I awoke to this beautiful view outside my window. Yesterday was not easy, but it’s hard not to feel optimistic when the world beckons with green possibility. Sometimes, I think there is nothing as beautiful as London on a sunny day. Today is the birthday of one of my favourite people (you know […]

New growth

I noticed it first in my armpits: baby hairs, soft and fine, but present. Taking root. Growing. And then yesterday, I saw something even more exciting… My eyebrows are starting to come back. There are teeny tiny hairs beginning to peek out. There are even a few baby eyelashes making their first careful reappearance. Today, […]

The calm before the storm

Tomorrow is Wednesday. Wednesdays are chemo day. And tomorrow isn’t just any chemo day. Tomorrow, I start cycle four of my chemo. Today – this lovely, magical Tuesday – was a good day. The best I’ve had in a long while. I had so much energy, I felt almost normal. (At least, according to the […]

Am I worth it?

Today, I sobbed so hard my teeth chattered. There are times in my life when grief has hit me powerfully hard, and this was one of them. My legs actually gave away. I lost the strength to stand. I thought that was the sort of thing that only happened in movies. It would have been […]