Odds and ends 3

Höchste Lust: music as the opposite of social distancing by Katharine Dain “At some point I noticed a shift in the quality of attention between us—a marked preference for each other’s company, surreptitious glances of appraisal—but I didn’t worry about what felt like a little gig crush… But it was more, and I knew it. […]

At the end

Let my body loose its shape and slowly crumble into dustLet my bones grow old and creaky, let my blood congeal to rust Let my voice grow hoarse and tired, let my brain grow slow and dimLet my breathing fade until it perches lightly on life’s rim Let my image be forgotten, let my memory […]

Odds and Ends 2

Guess who finally subscribed to The Atlantic? 🙂 Dear Therapist: The Pandemic Has Changed My Relationship With My Therapist by Lori Gottlieb (from The Atlantic) “In other words, you say you’re trying to protect your therapist, but I have a feeling that the person you’re trying to protect is yourself. If you stop having sessions, […]

Odds and Ends 1

How to Salvage a Disastrous Day in Your Covid-19 House Arrest by Aisha S. Ahmad (from chroniclevitae.com) “You are in “remedial” life class. For scholars and other high-achieving professionals, performance is an important part of our identities. We are used to tackling hard challenges, and we thrive on achievement and excellence. But that approach will not […]