Other Lives

In the dark hoursI imagine your other livesThe ones where our paths divergedInstead of came together I see you holding the handOf another personSomeone who carries The sleek gloss of HollywoodA stark contrast to my ownRumpled and unready life In these dreamsYou are always happyYou are always laughingNo one pulls away, or fightsYou have found […]


That shape in the middle is called play Between endless hustlingAnd weary stagnationIs a set of monkey bars They are yours to explore Swing wildlyFeel your own heft and lightness Is that the sound of laughter? And if you slip?Well that’s all part of the gameLand lightly and spring up There are no rules Except […]

The meaning of grace

She spent years learning How to move Elegantly, effortlessly Watching her own reflection Buffing away roughness Until she could glide Across the mirror’s surface Like a water bird On a still pond. But she only embodied The true meaning of grace When she learned To turn to others Who had tripped And clumsily fallen, And […]


If someone had told me That adult life means Getting excited about Defrosting a freezer I would have run away To neverland Years ago. Yet here I am, Watching ice melt And gleefully collecting The fallen chunks, Symbols of my victory Over chaos And cold. Photo by Dev Benjamin on Unsplash

The crust

When I scrape away the crust of anxietyBeneath it is simply the feelingThat I should be doing something differentFrom what I am doing. From the pressing sensation in my chest,To the buzzing feeling around my brain,My whole body is electrifiedWith the terror that time is running out. Whether I am scrubbing away in the kitchenOr […]