Catch and release

Think of any criticism, Each little bit of feedback, And every morsel of praise, As a little fish Swimming through a public pond. You are the fisherman Sitting in the boat above. Some days, you might decide To throw out a wide net Scooping up as many scaly swimmers As the knotted mesh can hold. […]

Skeleton Tree

Skeleton tree Picked clean as a bone Branches white against the darkening sky High above Birds are flying home To hideaways where leaves still cling Note: This was inspired by a tree I passed on a walk to Paddington Old Cemetery. Unfortunately none of my photos could do it justice. In writing this poem, I […]

Cool things: magnetic page notebook

This popped up today in an email from uncommon goods – a magnetic notebook that lets you take pages out and move them around. I’ve always leaned towards notebooks with tear out pages so I can more things around and group them where they actually go (rather than the order that ideas come out in.) […]

Colour and pattern

The thing about knitting Is you have to choose: Colour or pattern? A beautiful texture Will only show With a solid colour. Likewise, A vibrant, multicolour yarn Will get lost In a busy pattern. I’ve learned this From careful observation And the sharp edge Of experience. No sweater Can hold Every colour I think is […]

Another finish line

Cancer feels like it has so many finish lines and milestones – and each one opens up a whole range of feelings. Tomorrow will be my last day as someone with a port. I though this procedure would feel like an afterthought – but it’s actually hitting a nerve. I was speaking about this today […]