Everything familiarOnce started As something foreign. We nibble atThe unknown,Chew and digestEach tiny bite. And gradually the tasteOf something strangeOr unpalatableBecomes somethingThat we crave. There was a timeWhen the thingsThat you love mostWere crypticAnd befuddling.Can you remember? Take a momentTo be gratefulTo the onesWho packaged experienceInto delectable parcelsTeasing us with the promiseOf bigger mysteries. Reading […]


For Zachary I lost myself yesterdayDrowning in the ever-oncoming wavesMy head slippingSlowly but surelyBeneath the surfaceNothing but waterAs far as the eye can see When you appearedI thought you would pull me to shoreBut instead You filled my mouth with breathFrom the metal tank carried on your backYou took my handAnd said with a twinkle:“Come […]


Before there were wordsThere was the bodyA language of touch and heat Before there were lawsThere was instinctRefined with each heart’s beat Before there were mapsThere were communitiesTheir boundaries drawn by feet Before there were banksThere was still exchangeOf necessities and treats But now the most deep human patternsHave transformed into dangerous chainsWe must break […]

Autumn is my favourite time of year, she said.

Autumn is my favourite time of year, she said. With a burst of transcendent colour.Like a sunset,The world marks its endingIn shades of flame. And yet,The ending isn’t an ending.There is life buriedIn the marrow of that wood.There is a promise of returnAfter the cold cleansing,and frosty quietOf a winter’s rest. Let us revel in […]