The fog

Today, I am tired. I slept – but in strange, broken fragments. Some of it feels like my fault. Some of it feels beyond my power to control. Like much of the world, stayed up past my bedtime, watching in shock as right wing terrorists stormed the Capitol building. I burned off the anxiety stirred […]

The meaning of grace

She spent years learning How to move Elegantly, effortlessly Watching her own reflection Buffing away roughness Until she could glide Across the mirror’s surface Like a water bird On a still pond. But she only embodied The true meaning of grace When she learned To turn to others Who had tripped And clumsily fallen, And […]

Survival vs happiness in times of crisis

I remember at one point during my cancer treatment, one of my sisters said to me something along the lines of ‘I thought there was going to be a lot more watching movies and cuddling’. But I found the logistics of dealing with cancer with a baby in the house absolutely overwhelming. It didn’t feel […]

Cool things: magnetic page notebook

This popped up today in an email from uncommon goods – a magnetic notebook that lets you take pages out and move them around. I’ve always leaned towards notebooks with tear out pages so I can more things around and group them where they actually go (rather than the order that ideas come out in.) […]

How change happens: election thoughts

I remember when Colorado was a red state. It wasn’t so long ago. When I was first able to vote, I cast my ballot knowing it likely wouldn’t make a bit of difference. It would just be lost in the bloodbath. But now, Colorado doesn’t even seem to be a battleground. It is a lovely, […]

Another finish line

Cancer feels like it has so many finish lines and milestones – and each one opens up a whole range of feelings. Tomorrow will be my last day as someone with a port. I though this procedure would feel like an afterthought – but it’s actually hitting a nerve. I was speaking about this today […]