Autumn is my favourite time of year, she said.

Autumn is my favourite time of year, she said. With a burst of transcendent colour.Like a sunset,The world marks its endingIn shades of flame. And yet,The ending isn’t an ending.There is life buriedIn the marrow of that wood.There is a promise of returnAfter the cold cleansing,and frosty quietOf a winter’s rest. Let us revel in […]


First: redA soft, silken coinPressed to the lipsClenched in the fistYour private treasureFound fallenNo less precious for that Then: whiteLike a featherDropped in flightStolen ReclaimedCast into a puddleCrushed by playground hands Found: PinkPerfect, pristine petalAn offered consolationLost in your tailwinds How could I forget?The petals we are givenPale next to those we find Photo by […]

The three little words that keep a marriage going (hint: not ‘I love you’)

There is a magic phrase – three little words – that can help keep a marriage alive. They give us an extra spring in our step, an extra zest for life, and a feeling of connection with our life’s partner. It’s one of life’s magic gifts that feels wonderful, but costs nothing. It’s not ‘I […]