This isn’t a blog in a traditional sense.

It’s more like a working notebook.

Things don’t have to be finished – and I might sometimes return to things and keep playing with them.

Also, publication dates sometimes reflect when I started working with an idea, rather than when I finally got it proofread well enough to share.

This isn’t a space for comments. That happens over on Facebook.

As writers, it’s so easy to feel isolated, and also to be discouraged by the words that pile up unpublished, unproduced, and unseen.

I wondered, what would it feel like to be radically open about the creative process, and to show the messy inner workings of the studio as well as the beautiful end product?

I started creating within this space when I had cancer, and I wanted to make something as a way for my daughter to know me, even if I wasn’t here long enough for her to remember me.

Fortunately, it doesn’t look like I’m going anywhere anytime soon. But I’ve loved having a space to explore, without drawing boundaries between art and life. And on some level, this project still feels like a gift I’m trying to offer her – attempting to live with openness and wholeness so she will be confident in claiming those as her birthright on her own life’s journey.

This is also a way of sharing with you, dear reader. In snippets and bursts…

Thank you for coming. You’re welcome here.

Photo by Emily Morter on Unsplash