Insomnia companion, part 6: The Hallway

You find yourselfIn a a long hallwayYou walk and walkThe distant doorFeels like it will neverDraw closer Then suddenly, your handIs on the knobYou turn it and walk through And find yourselfIn another hallwayYou can just see the doorOn the horizon lineYou push forwardWith every bit of energyMaking no progress Until all at onceYou feel […]

Insomnia companion, part 5: The Sponge

You might think That the thingUnderneath your headIs a pillow But maybeIt is a sponge It slowly soaks upThe worriesOf the day Feel Your anxieties trickleDown the backOf your neckOut of the baseOf your skullWhile you stareAt the ceilingIn the watchful darkness Or perhapsEveryday stressesDribble slowlyOut of your earDrip, drip, dripEvery so slowlyWetting your spongepillowAs […]