I haven’t been sleeping again, soI started writing myself a little insomnia companion book for the dark hours…

Picture a sandy shore, right at the edge where the waves wash up.

Imagine this is your mind.

Listen to the sound of your breath. Imagine it is the waves of the ocean.

Breathe in – the waves come in, washing over the sand.

Breathe out – the waves go out, leaving only smooth blank sand behind.

Imagine your thoughts and worries as words or pictures drawn into this sand.

Remember being a child at the beach. (Or if you never were, imagine it.)

Anything just scribbled on the surface will wash away instantly.

If you have dug a deep hole, at first a groove will still be there, then a dent. It may take a few waves to disappear, but eventually it will disappear. Can this be true of your worries as well?

Just picture the waves, and let the breaths keep coming in and out.

Some worries will wash away instantly. Some may take longer. Breathe.

Let the tide rise. You don’t have to do anything. Just sit back and watch the waves do their work.

Photo by Rachel Cook on Unsplash