Imagine a seed in the palm of your hand.

Imagine it bursting, carefully, into life.

Imagine the roots curling around your fingers, up your arm – around, and over and under, and through your entire body – delicate and flexible, but with the unbreakable promise of finely spun wire.

Imagine those roots filling your body with energy and strength.

Imagine tender leaves sprouting upward from that seed – green and curious, reaching upwards towards the sun.

Imagine those leaves growing into stems, then twigs, then thick strong branches, creating a dappled canopy – a shelter for you and all those you invite to join you under the shade of its majestic limbs.

Breathe in. Feel the peaceful embrace of those loving roots.

Breathe out. Feel the powerful possibility of those adventurous branches.

The roots are your past – the skeleton that gives your inner life meaning and shape.

The branches are your future – your opportunity to reach into the world, and find your own special way to connect with it.

The seed is this moment right now… and now… and now. It is the ever-constant present that is always with you. The seed is you: your body, your soul, your precious heart, your unique mind.

Which roots will you choose to water, and which will you uproot?

Which branches will you train skyward, and which will you prune away?

How tenderly will you hold and nourish that little seed?

What kind of magic are you going to grow today?

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash