Rosie is allergic to cow’s milk and eggs. We’re hopeful she will grow out of them but it’s not something we have any interest in experimenting with in the current climate. (The last thing we need is an allergy emergency!)

This presented a bit of a conundrum for an Easter egg hunt.

Real eggs were obviously out. Pretty much all of the chocolate ones have milk in them, so that was a no-go.

I was feeling pretty stumped, and thought the Easter Bunny might just need to leave a note. But that clever little rabbit found these…

Chalk eggs!

Let’s be honest, this was pure luck – I was searching for sidewalk chalk for Rosie and saw these and realised I could solve two problems at once!

As a bonus: this shape is really good for little toddler hands.

If you have a kiddo with allergies, it is well worth reminding the Easter Bunny about these – it’s a great way to have the fun with none of the danger. And the Easter Bunny can always hide a separate goody bag filled with safe treats.

From our family to yours, Happy Easter / Passover / Spring!