I was doing yoga earlier this week, and had a moment that I’ve been turning over in my head ever since.

At around the 24 minute mark in this video from DoYogaWithMe.com (which I absolutely adore), the instructor Melissa says:

“I think it makes more sense to stick with the pose that feels a little bit softer and more comfortable, rather than going beyond your edge and getting really tight and restricting the breath. So could there be some softness?”

I realised – yet again – how easy it is for me to assume that I have to push right to the edge to find growth and progress.

But instead, I listened. I eased up a bit and found a more comfortable spot.

And then…

Once I had the softness, I found myself able to bend forward even more deeply, going further in this forward bend than I can remember since having Rosie.

I’ve always been a person who exists more in my mind than my body, and post-cancer a huge part of my journey has been being present in my body.

I’m discovering more and more the wisdom that can come from the physical self can be just as profound as what we might find through an intellectual approach.

Looking for where there is ease allowed me to progress more effectively in the practice – and enjoy it more.

It also left me wondering where else in my life I could apply this same approach and find a bit more softness and comfort.

What surprise doors might this unlock?

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash