It Takes Me More Than 3 Hours To Write One Story by Shannon Ashley (from Medium)

“The reality is that there probably are certain types of stories that you could write more quickly than others. That doesn’t mean those are the stories that will put you on the map, however. It also doesn’t mean that those are the stories you’ll actually want to write.

If I had to give an explanation as to why so many writers insist that the stories where they didn’t really try wound up being the most popular, I’d say it’s got nothing to do with the number of minutes it took them to write. Instead, I’d say the real answers are flow and letting go of expectations

Yet, I’ve accepted that there are some things I will never be, and a fast writer is at the top of the list. When people espouse the so-called benefits of writing your articles in only an hour, I know they mean well. They typically believe it and truly aren’t trying to steer you wrong. But I’m afraid it really does steer other writers wrong. Aside from literal deadlines, the last thing any writer should be fixated on is how many minutes one story takes them.”

The Weather by Aubrey Hirsch (From Gay Mag on Medium)

“D’s depression is the weather in our house, except there’s no forecast. Some days we wake to sunny skies, gentle breezes. We talk and laugh. We eat and nap. We watch the baby the way one watches a campfire, not for any particular reason, but because it is there and strangely fascinating in its combination of predictability and surprise.”

A Shift in American Family Values Is Fueling Estrangement by Joshua Coleman (from The Atlantic)

One of the downsides of the careful, conscientious, anxious parenting that has become common in the United States is that our children sometimes get too much of us—not only our time and dedication, but our worry, our concern. Sometimes the steady current of our movement toward children creates a wave so powerful that it threatens to push them off their own moorings; it leaves them unable to find their footing until they’re safely beyond the parent’s reach. Sometimes they need to leave the parent to find themselves.

Creativity Has One Tremendous Downside That Is Rarely Spoken About by Tim Denning (from Medium)

“Writer, Sean Kernan, shared the quote “Slow is smooth and smooth is fast.” Growing up around Navy SEALs taught him this mantra.

Your creativity is amplified when you vary the speed and spend time slowing down and completely putting the brakes on it. It has taken me seven years of publishing thousands of long-form articles online to understand that lesson.

Progress happens when you go slow or completely stop, so you can reflect.”

Video: It’s Helping Time by Michael Weiss (from Harvard Business School Newsroom)

“Martin Luther King said that time is one of the great myths of. American society. That he had been told if you just wait, things will get better for Blacks. If you just wait, economic injustice, racial injustice will cede. And he said that that’s not true. That essentially time is neutral. And our job is to help time.” (Bold mine)

What Do You Like About Yourself? by Joanna Goddard (from Cup of Jo)

“Says Suzi: “I have a motto: ‘Do it scared. Do it tired.’ I live according to my values and I show up for my life. I won’t back down from doing something if the reasons are fear or being tired.””

Photo by Avinash Kumar on Unsplash