Based on / a true story

I’m sorry I dropped
Some wasabi peas
Down where you sat
Eagerly under my
Bench, waiting for
Whatever may come.

I wanted to tell you
It wasn’t intentional.
I can imagine that
Wasabi may lead to
Avian indigestion
And beak irritation.

Although of course
If any birds were going
To enjoy wasabi peas
It would certainly be
London’s cosmopolitan
Pigeon population.

They just slipped from
My fingers, one of the
Reasons I have always
Hated peas. They create
Chaos with a sense of
Smug satisfaction. Yuck.

Except if you coat them
In a shade of radioactive
Green wasabi, suddenly
I think they are delicious.
Who can explain the
Paradoxes of taste?

Pigeons, I know that
You are often made to
Feel unwelcome in
Your own homes by
Humans unaware that
We are the intruders.

So I thought it was
Important to tell you
This was not a veiled
Attempt at culinary
Sabotage, just some
Clumsy picnicking.

Anyway, I hope there
Are no hard feelings.
I will be more careful
The next time I place
My lunch order to
Eat above your domain.

I know we are not
Supposed to feed the
Birds but I may just
Let something slip
The next time as a
Secret peace offering.

Photo by Sneha Cecil on Unsplash