This post was inspired by my mom. She was talking about what it’s like being a woman in her 60’s, trying to stay healthy and active.

And she gave me the greatest tip for choosing a form of exercise.

Instead of looking at the young people who are involved in whatever you are thinking about, look at the people who have been doing it for decades. Don’t just focus on what it will do for your body now, think about what is coming on the road ahead.

All this to say – in her age group, the ‘yoga ladies’ seem happiest.

It’s worth noting that my mother doesn’t actually practice yoga, so this isn’t a quest to convert others to what she is doing, but instead an observation.

Many of the runners she knows find themselves struggling with a string of injuries. . Or people involved in competitive sports find themselves frustrated as their bodies age and they lose their edge.

Of course first and foremost, you should do what you love, what excites you, what gets you out of bed. Not everyone can love yoga.

But if you’re on the fence or feeling unmotivated, seeing the difference it can make to your life in the years ahead is a great reason to get involved. Don’t just look for who is fit – look for who is happy.

Photo by Wesley Tingey on Unsplash