How do we heal?

When we are torn,
We know that invisible forces
Work to put us back together again.

We look at the changes
And think it is just the magic of time,
When really, a million microscopic moments
And tiny actions have come together
To create a web that holds our bodies together,
To repair what has been broken,
To restore and renew:
Our cells and ourselves.

It seems to happen so slowly.
The changes are so small
We cannot see them unfolding.
It is easy to make the mistake
Of thinking nothing is happening.
But our bodies reach towards life
Whether we ask them to, or not.

This is important, detailed, complicated work.
And important, detailed, complicated work takes patience.
Every scar is a labour of love.

Do you have the patience
To let your body do its work?
Do you have the patience
To let your soul heal its wounds?
Or do you wrap everything
In a slapdash bandage,
Concealing and constricting,
To protect the most tender surfaces
As you rush on with your day.
Do you have the patience
To wait for the healing that is your birthright?
And the wisdom
Not to get in its way?

Photo by Roman Trifonov on Unsplash